After presiding over 20 successful years of elite competition and global development as President of the International Surfing Association [ISA], Fernando Aguerre will stand for re-election at the ISA 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games on 25 October in Punta Rocas, Peru.

Today, Aguerre outlined his vision for the sport and his desire to see Surfing become a fixture on the Olympic Programme, highlighting the ground-breaking wave technology as the ‘game changer’ and a catalyst for the natural progression of the sport.

An Argentinian born entrepreneur and founder of the Reef action sports brand, Aguerre is a pioneer of the Surfing industry and strives to bring the best of business and management to international sports governance.

Looking ahead to the Presidential election, Aguerre said today:

“I believe Surfing is at a very exciting stage of its development as a sport.

“Not everyone is lucky enough to live near an ocean, so the new generation of wave technology can create a level playing field and bring surfing to a whole new audience around the world. Wave pools will eradicate the limitations of fading daylight, inconsistent waves and geography. With this innovation, Surfing will further enhance its universality.

“These new wave pools could provide a stunning venue at an Olympic Games and they will also help stimulate local economies, generate jobs and provide young people with a source of fun and engagement long after the Games have left town. The venues would remain a thriving hub for young people creating an ongoing legacy at the heart of the community. Wave pools make great sense from a sporting perspective but they also make great business sense.”

Aguerre added:

“I have a deep-seated belief that Surfing represents a force for good at a time when the world seems to be experiencing so much conflict. In addition to its youthful demographic and unique lifestyle, Surfing offers inclusivity, freedom of expression and harmony with the environment. Together these assets can supplement and enhance the Olympic values of friendship, excellence and fair play.

“Of the 35 million surfers in the world, it is estimated 14 million are aged 12 -24, underlining the sports incredible youth appeal.

“With our young fans, our global events calendar and our star Surfing competitors, we connect with young people in a special way. Surfing is cool and can deliver something very few sports can – the ability to reach out to new Olympic audiences.

“My passion for Surfing is what underpins my desire to grow the sport and seek Olympic inclusion. If I am re-elected as President this will be one of the driving forces of my next four years in office.”