Fenway Sports Group – Liverpool FC

The Challenge

To help ensure NESV’s takeover of Liverpool FC was seen by local, national and international media and stakeholders as positive for the Club. Position NESV as an organisation that can be trusted, is credible and has a compelling vision for the Club’s future.

The Outcome

  • NESV succesfully took over ownership of Liverpool FC on 15 October 2010 after a highly intense negotiation and heavily scrutinised legal battle with the previous owners.
  • The subsequent newspaper headlines concerning NESV’s purchase of LFC, particularly given the significant initial scepticism towards one set of US owners being replaced by another, indicate the success of the campaign and NESV-VERO effort.

VERO’s Role

  • Develop and implement an integrated communications campaign covering the takeover period, the deal announcement and the immediate weeks after
  • Develop key messages and speaking points
  • Provide strategic counsel to senior NESV executives
  • Brief key media, print and broadcast, on a regular basis
  • Draft press statements in cooperation with NESV executives and legal team
  • Presentation training for bid leadership, athletes and ambassadors
  • Advise NESV executives on media and stakeholder activity in the immediate period following the successful takeover
  • Provide ‘breaking news’ media reports and monitoring throughout